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Product Description:

A spiritual self help book that guides you into building a set of codes for your life with God being the foundation. Specific areas the book covers: purpose, character, finances, life, women/men, morality, relationships, race. God has a specific path for everyone and in reading you will understand your path and how to be sincere to your true nature.

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G- Code aka God Code Book

Product Description:

We cost more than we could ever imagine. If we ever want to be valued as such then we should pay the cost to be of worth by breaking free of the earthly shackles that are in our life; the demons, the trials and tribulations, and pain and suffering. The more of the price we pay to break away from these things, the more freedom and value we obtain with/for ourselves and for those after us.

"You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of human beings" 1 Corinthians 7:23

Music Artist, DMX, once said, "To live is to suffer, but to survive, Well, that is to find meaning in the suffering"

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It Cost to be Free Book

Book of Philosophies

Product Description:

This is a book composed of 50 philosophies full of wisdom.

"Life is an illusion until we become who we're supposed to be"

"Before you validate your feelings, make sure they hold weight"

"Separate the image from the person"

"Don't fit in, fit yourself"

"Transform the ego into reality"......